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My name is Sara Falaro.


I’m a lifelong storyteller, a budding psychologist, a researching Gemini, a hottie with a disabled body, and an identity coach for folks in flux.​


With a passion for radical authenticity, my mission is to inspire a culture without shame.


In 2019, I left a toxic job to start my own business in honest online branding. After a year of working with some truly incredible people, everything came to a shocking halt when doctors found a tumor in my cervical spinal cord. This was my first introduction to the truth of transformation. Yes, the phoenix rises from the ashes. But first, it burns. First, it hurts.


​For three years, I focused on healing my physical, mental, and emotional Self. I pulled myself out of the depths, relearned to walk and use my hands, and asked myself a question that would send me into existential panic: who (in the hell) am I?


So, in pursuit of clarity, I started graduate school while undergoing chemotherapy. Now, with a Bachelor’s in Theatre and a Master’s in Existential and Humanistic Psychology, I’m taking what I’ve learned and making it accessible to the people who need support most. ​


Change is messy. It’s attending the funeral of who you were over and over. It’s being confronted with the fact that who you were doesn’t quite fit anymore. ​I believe that facing these little deaths of our past selves can help us lead a more fulfilled, honest, and thrilling life. I want to help you fall back in love with being alive.​


I love us for exactly who we are - right now.

Sara Falaro

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