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& I'm on a mission to empower folks through

radical authenticity online.

When I first joined Instagram, I was like you:

- sending memes to my buds

- posting irrelevant pics of my lunch

- just trying to connect with celebrities

- trying to have a platform with zero direction

I had no strategy, no clarity, and no idea wtf I was doing.

Until 2018, when I started working as a

Manager for Social Media Influencers.

I used that time to learn literally everything I could about brand development & sustainability.

Why were influencers so good at being themselves?

After obsessive research, I realized it really only

came down to one thing:




Instagram can

help you...

  • Expand your professional network.

  • Regain control of your reputation.

  • Garner career opportunities.

  • Build a new source of income.

  • Feel empowered in your identity.

  • Connect with people worldwide.

  • Create something on your terms.

  • Get yourself in front of your idols.

  • Amplify your mission.

  • Level up.



If you're like the majority of the population, your daily Insta usage looks like this...

From the moment you wake up to the moment you knock out, you're feeling a pull to grab your phone. Whether that's for notification checking or mindless scrolling, you're borderline obsessed. And the worst part is? You barely even notice it's happening. There's literally no intentionality in your digital day.


And then you see someone you know, living their best life online: looking like a confident beeyotch, follower count growing nonstop, getting insane opportunities in their career. And the craziest part? They don't seem to be changing their personality online at all.

It's all happening, while they're exactly who they've always been.


BUT HOW? How can someone maintain an

online presence  in a genuine way? start to resent your friend, and you keep posting irrelevant photos on your feed, refusing to engage with anyone you've never met in-person. #notinterested

Things continue on as they always have, and nothing ever changes for you.

Feel that sting of reality?


And real talk: that's because you're ignoring that free resource in your pocket. That one you're already on, with zero understanding of how to use it.

You know what I'm talking about:


IMG_6732 (1).JPG

let's talk details

- 10+ Video Modules to teach you the ins and outs of my very favorite app: Instagram.


- Access to the VIP Facebook community



  • Video & roadmap resource to walk you through my proven method for authentic brand identification

  • A total breakdown of my go-to apps for Insta optimization

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what're clients saying?


okay... so what's the catcH?

Okay, you caught me.

Instagram isn't easy...  for the person who doesn't know themselves.

But bub, that's Branding 101: pinpoint the message & clarify the product.

So to sweeten the deal, I've included bonus material to help you navigate your personal brand mission.


Being able to market yourself on social media is vital in the digital age. But it's legit pointless, if you don't know what you're marketing.

So let's cover our bases here - with some fun bonus material.

BUY NOW for $197

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