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survive & thrive

for the artist who's ready to make that money.


  1. Feeling stuck in your day job?

  2. Self-conscious, being the Creator who has no time to create?

  3. Hungry for more schedule flexibility & locational freedom?

  4. Wanting to start an online business, but have zero idea how to begin?

  5. Desperately ready to have more control in your day-to-day?


In Survive & Thrive, we dive deep into the magic of hosting & running a business online. I teach you how to organize your biz, connect with your future clients, and sell sell sell - so you can make money & live your life on your own terms.


Over the course of the 16-weeks, we work together closely - launching & growing your new self-run business.


Time to level up.

Survive & Thrive

Join me on this 4-month journey to freedom - no exaggeration. 


Perks include:

  • Bi-weekly 20-30-minute strategy calls

  • Permanent access to the online resource library, including when the content is updated and built upon

  • Personalized Instagram assistance & advisement

  • Community access to entire Sara Falaro cohort, consisting of other artistic entrepreneurs.

  • Ongoing feedback on all business-related material, including sales copy, systems, offer outlines, etc.

  • The ultimate hype human, standing in your corner.

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*Flexible payment plans available.

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what's up, my friend?

I'm Sara Falaro:

Performer, Artistic Branding Coach, mental health advocate, the newest New Yorker - and your very biggest hype human. 

With years of experience in Digital Marketing & Social Media, it's no surprise that I adamantly stand by the major potential of starting an online business. Now, I'm taking that insight to the community I love the most: the artistic one.


It's my ongoing mission to crush the dreaded-day-job mentality of the creative world.

We can build the life we want, right now. It's all about action & mindset - that's where the magic happens.

Let's get to work.

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